Corporal Punishment


I had not been spanked since September 2019. Not from choice I do assure you. I had been waiting through October and November for surgery, it finally happened in December. It didn’t go that well and I took a long time to recover. I got the ‘all clear’ at the end of February but then […]

Corporal Punishment Kink of the Week

The conversation – KOTW

The ladies’ shoes clack against the bare wooden boards as they walk around me, looking, talking. I can’t see them. I am firmly strapped to the punishment bench, bent right over, head to the floor. When they stripped me naked, they even took my spectacles. All I can see are the out of focus floorboards. […]

Sexy stuff

Morning erection!

One of the stranger behaviours of the male human body is morning erections. It raises a simple question: WHY? What possible purpose does it serve? Wake up, willy is standing to attention demanding action but a full bladder demanding to be emptied makes this impossible. Two mutually exclusive actions. But I digress, morning erections can […]


Porn – a brief history

In the 21st century with our smart phones, computers and internet it is easy to access adult content. It’s easy to make adult content. It’s easy to distribute adult content. It was not always so. Here is my brief history of making naughty pictures,  both still and movie! Let’s start with photographs. Once the camera […]


Lockdown – 2

Significant Other (whom I should really give a name but she didn’t like any of my suggestions) did a pros and cons of where to stay during lockdown. The nudist club: Pros: Outside space and car parking. Cons: Small space, in the arse end of nowhere, not near shops, not near a hospital, no phone […]


Lockdown – 1

A laptop is balanced precariously on a pile of books, better to get the camera at the right height for a video conference. Another laptop is on the floor. There are papers and folders everywhere. In the midst of this organised chaos my significant other is hard at work. The illusion is slightly broken because […]

Corporal Punishment Kink of the Week Sexy stuff

The Five Bar Gate

There is a gate, a perfectly standard five bar gate that closes the entrance to an area of woodland. It’s just off a bridal way in a remote area of the countryside. I took a play friend to this gate because she asked me to “Push her limits.” I tied her to this gate and […]

Sexpots Sexy stuff

Cum at Midnight with Big Ben!

It was all the fault of GOTN and Sex Pots – they put the idea in my head by Tweeting about having sex at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Start to fuck in 2019 and finish in 2020. It was a very good idea, I am surprised I did not think of it myself.  So […]

Kink of the Week

Naughty boys get bottom marks – Kink of the Week

Marks – where to start on this? I love marks, all types of marks. Spanking marks, particularly from a cane. Rope marks, the ones that show when the ropes come off. I can get excited over the marks left by the elastic of a tight pair of knickers. I have hundreds, maybe thousands of photographs […]


Love Our Lurkers XIV

If you are one of the many who wander the web pages enjoying the content but never making a comment why not do something radical in the next few days? Leave a comment or two. Better still; keep doing it; keep leaving comments because the average blogger is a total comment whore! We love getting […]