Role Play

From time to time, about twice a year, I visit a pro dominatrix to role play. It’s a predictable role play, headmistress and naughty schoolboy.

It begins with a ‘phone call to make the arrangements. I have a shiver of excitement at this point. Excitement and apprehension.
Once the arrangements have been made I have to wait for a few days. I always make the appointment a few days ahead. As the days pass, the excitement and apprehension builds.

On the day I drive to her premises, she is located in a rural area, not a bit what one would expect. (I am not sure what one would expect but this is not it!) I am early, I am always early for all my appointments. I stop a mile or so away and wait until about five minutes before the appointment time. I call to see if the coast is clear.

Once I have the all clear I drive to her premises. My car has morphed into a time machine. As I get closer I regress in time. When I arrive I have become a teenager again and I am visiting the headmistress. The apprehension and fear has kicked in. From this point on until I leave I am back in 1970, at school and expecting to be caned.

What is interesting to me about this is that I am am not really into role play or school scenarios. It’s not a genre of porn that interests me. I can see why it’s a popular choice for porn, it’s one of the few situations where corporal punishment was really a thing. (A bad thing, don’t get the idea I am condoning it in schools, I am not. Remember, I was at a boarding school in 1970.)

In my head I am not role playing, I am totally immersed. When I leave it takes a while to readjust to the real world.

If you are curious you can see a picture of my bottom after I had been punished by clicking here: Picture of caned bottom.

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