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I love a good podcast, especially if it’s sexy. Sitting on the train commuting to work, having three ladies talk dirty to me is just perfect!

I missed the launch of this podcast, Sexpots. I have no idea how I missed it when one of my favourite bloggers, Girl On The Net, is one of the presenters.

We are up to episode four. Thirty minutes of listening to three ladies talk about sex. Good sex. Bad sex. Funny sex. Sex! Did I mention it was mostly about sex? It’s brilliant, it’s like eavesdropping on three ladies having a private chat about sex.

I particularly enjoy the two regular features: the first is where they try to guess the meaning of an obscure word with a sexy meaning “Wikipervia”. The second is describing a sex position “Position of the pod”.

It’s funny. It’s informative. But above all else it’s entertaining. After listening to Sexpots you will have a totally different view of your own sex life because you will have a benchmark to make a comparison. All that weird stuff you’re ashamed of, they have done it too. The bad sex, you’re not alone. The good sex, punch the air, other people do that as well. Occasionally!

Go check them out, your smartphone was specifically designed for you to listen to SexPots!

It’s on Spotify and the other podcast platform.

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