Fun in Vegas

I am probably not the only person to visit Las Vegas USA and not gamble. Not so much as a cent in slot machine. I did, however, get up to all sorts of other stuff!

I was in a cheap hotel at the sleazy end of Vegas. It’s all sleazy, but it’s all relative and it’s more sleazy where I was than elsewhere. Not the really sleazy part of Vegas, I do have some standards.

This was long before the internet. Information about what was happening was word of mouth,  or free newspapers and flyers. I was in strip club, The Palomino, it’s well away from the big casinos and hotels. There was this guy at the bar, a ticket tout, talking about an event involving girls wrestling. It sounded interesting but before I could glean any more information the management chucked him out. I followed.

A couple of nights later I was outside a building on the outskirts of town. It did not look very promising, more like a warehouse, and there was no one around. I stood back in the shadows waiting. Eventually a few more people arrived. I recognised my informant from before so I wandered across to make myself known. We all stood around expectantly while ticket tout assured us all would be well and the show was definitely on. I was just thinking it was time to go somewhere else when the door opened and we were ushered in.

The room was set out with a wrestling ring with some chairs around it. A bar in the corner was selling overpriced watered down Bourbon and nasty beer. A few hostesses wandered around trying to upsell the services. Slowly the place filled up, maybe 50 of us in all.

Finally a lady in a white catsuit entered the ring. We all gathered around. I was standing at the back, in the cheap area, the seats at the front were expensive.

Catsuit lady said there were four matches, five rounds per match. Each one was different. Two girls wrestling first. Then a four girl tag team. A girl and boy tag team. Then a another all girl event.

Catsuit lady introduced the first competitor, Lots of razzmatazz, she really talked it up. The first girl came in with her second, the girl was young and in a tiny bikini. Her second was a cute young man in shorts. Her opponent was a butch looking girl, her second was an equally butch girl, both in bikinis. The seconds then oiled up the competitors.  Catsuit lady called “Seconds out” and they were off.

It was clearly staged. The girls kept their bikinis on the first round. Much writhing around on the floor, a few half hearted attempts to pin each other down. In round two they lost their tops, apart from the boobies on show it was much like round one. It got a bit more serious in round three and by the end both girls were naked.  Before the start of round four the seconds oiled them up again. The young man was clearly getting excited. Oh to have his job …

The crowd was really cheering them along and getting into it. I suspect there may have been some betting going on but I was not into any of that. The next round they were going all out, and it was looking like a wrestling match. Catsuit lady had to break them up a few times.

Last round, they were at each other right from the off. Butch girl was clearly ahead and stronger, she had her opponent pinned a couple of times. The final bell and it was all over. Catsuit lady announced Butch was the winner. Much cheering and a few boos. I am sure a lot of money was won and lost.

The rest of the night it was much the same. The tag teams were fun, more lively and interactive. The competitors played to the crowd and we loved it.

It was fun. I left just as the dawn was breaking. I had been ripped off by ticket tout man but I did not care. I could have lost that much and more in a casino and had nothing to show for it.

I went back to my hotel, chucked my stuff in my suitcase and had just enough money to get a cab to the airpot. The driver asked. “Did you win?” I replied “I don’t gamble, but I won big time thanks.” I don’t think he understood, he probably thought I was just a crazy Limey.





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