Nude holiday luggage

I am off on my holidays to a nude resort. How much or how little does the nude vacationer need to take?

Just a toothbrush in my pocket? A bit more than that but not that much more. Like many people I take way too much on holiday.

This year I am going super minimalist. I think that if I really get it wrong I could go buy stuff I need.

So this is the plan, all this is going in my rucksack:
Washbag: Toothbrush and toothpaste. Comb. Razor and gel. Deodorant. Shower gel.
Clothes: One pair shorts. Two ‘T’ Shirts. Two pairs of underpants. One pair of socks.
Footwear: A pair of Crocs.
Lotions and potions: sunscreen.
And as every nudist knows you have to know where your towel is so I am taking two microfibre towels.
Toys: Kindle and my phone plus a MiFi loaded with roaming data.

That’s it! See you in a fortnight!

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