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The  Sexpots podcast: If you don’t know what I am on about then look at this previous blog post. The ladies are up to episode 8 and this one is about  watching guys wank; orgasm faces; circumcised versus foreskin; dick masturbation toys; unusual uses for flavoured lube; being taken over the knee; why one night stands are often rubbish.

Let’s start with an easy one, foreskins. I have most of mine. Back when I was about eleven and first started getting erections it was agony. All my mates were wanking themselves blind, (wanking does not make you go blind, this is just a figure of speech) I was screaming. Clearly something was wrong. Cut a long story short, (notice the pun there?) I had surgery to detach my foreskin from the glans. I did not get circumcised and I am very pleased about that. Upshot of this is I can’t wank without lube. It’s never really been a problem.

Watching other people wank. Surprisingly no one has ever watched me wank, I am up for it, but no one’s asked. Yet. I have however watched other people wank. I wrote a blog post about it so take a look at that. I love watching, I am the total voyeur. I particularly like the way significant other catches her breath as she comes, it’s the first tell tale sign of her orgasm.

I have never owned a wanking toy. I daresay you think I am missing out but I just don’t see the point. My theory is that I can do it better than any machine or any other person.

I am so into spanking. Over the knee, bent over a chair, anything really. I like doing it, like having it done to me and I love watching others do it. It’s not about the pain, it’s a control thing. Or lack of. It pushes all my kink buttons.

It takes time to get to know a partner, and what they like or don’t like and how to do it to them it just that particular way that gets them off with maximum pleasure. You can’t have that intimate knowledge on a one night stand. If your sex like was just one night stands you would have a rubbish sex life. Unless that’s what gets you off in which you have totally nailed it. I have only had a couple of one night stands and they were rubbish. I much prefer that long exploratory relationship that takes us on a sexy journey.

We have a cupboard full of lube, we use it for sex. It never occurred to us you could do anything else with it…

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