Sexpots – Sex in cars and other activities!

You have to go and listen to the Sexpots podcast else this post will make no sense what so ever. Most of my ramblings make no sense but in this instance more so.

Two items this week caught my attention, dick pics and sex in cars.

Let’s start with sex in cars, or in my case, vehicles in general. Regular reader will know that I live in a vehicle. Currently it’s a fuck off huge RV, but it has been various vans, campers and motorhomes. For a lot of that time I was no fixed abode, so home was a lay-by near the A23. I often had a companion with me and we had sex by the side of the road. As you do. The campers had the advantage of curtains and a bed so it’s not quite the same as sex in a car. But a long time ago I had sex in a Mini. The Mini belong to my girlfrind’s mum. It was teal blue, 850 CC saloon. Two door. VERY small. Look at this wiki page to see what I mean.

We were young and slim and bendy. You have to be bendy. We pulled the front seats forward as far as they would go and then folded the backrests down. We got in the back. I sat in the middle of the seat and Girlfriend straddled me. That did not work out so she turned around and sat on me facing forwards. That was better. (Better as in it was difficult and uncomfortable instead of very difficult and painful.) She sort of rocked back and forward and we did actually have sex and I recall having a climax. I think I had to wank her off to get her to climax. It felt naughty because it was her mum’s car and we were by the seaside in a not very secluded spot. Why we did not just have sex on the beach eludes me, there must have been a reason. (Sand in private places and no blanket.)

Jump forward 40 years and I am shagging a different girlfriend in a nice double bed on the A23.

Sex by the roadside is still naughty so it’s an added frisson to the proceedings.

Dick pics. I have sent a dick pic. It was to Girl On The Net and she was explicitly asking to be sent dick pics. What I discovered today is that she categorised all the pictures in a spreadsheet. A Dickabase. She also wanked over some of the pictures. I am confident that if she had revealed that information at the time she might have got a lot more.

I have been blogging on and off for quite a few years and in all that time no one has ever sent me a nude picture of themselves. Ever. So I am feeling slightly deprived.

I know unsolicited pictures are a real problem for sex bloggers, it’s abuse. I am sure a lot of these people are traceable, does it not occur to them they might get reported and prosecuted?

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