Hot, Sweaty Sex

There are multiple meanings for the word ‘hot’ in this context. The UK is enjoying a bit of a heatwave. Hot as in high temperature, but also hot as in sexually arousing. Take your choice!

I am quite lucky, living in a nudist club, clothes are just not required in the Summer! Just as well, it’s over 30C outside and much hotter inside my RV.

We have abandoned the bedroom area of the RV, it’s at high level and heat rises. Instead we have dragged the bedding to the saloon and made up a bed on the floor. We have done this before and you can read about it on a guest blog post I did for GOTN: Fuck in a Fifth Wheel!

Laying on the floor together brings back all the memories of the inaugural RV fuck. It’s too hot to sleep so it’s time for a trip down memory lane. Time for a fuck on the floor.

I open the ‘fridge and get out the ice cubes. She is on her tummy. I run an ice cube over her back, down her arse crack and leave it there against her bum hole, melting. I follow the path of the ice cube with my tongue, licking her back, her arse crack and then her bum hole. She pushes back against me and wiggles. I slap her bum hard with my hand. I get another ice cube and run that over her back, then down between her legs and into her cunt.

She rolls over and pushes me down, putting an ice cube into her mouth she slides her lips up and down over my cock, the cold water from the melting ice dribbling over me. She stops that before I come and instead we have a cold wet kiss.

Cold water does not lubricate so there is an awkward pause while she goes and retrieves the lube form the bedroom. She sloshes lube over my cock, it’s messy but sex is messy, that’s part of the pleasure. More pleasure follows as slippery body parts slide and slip against each other until they come together. It’s hot and sweaty sex. Sexy hot on a hot humid night.

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