Meeting Ariel Anderssen

Chatting to a friend about my meeting with Ariel she said “What if you can’t think of anything to talk about? Long awkward silence!”

The one thing I can guarantee is there will be no awkward silence. Getting a word in edgeways maybe. Ariel is one of the most talkative people I have ever met. She is also stunningly tall. Talkative and tall, that’s quite a combination.

When Ariel announced she was doing another personal appearance, this time in London near Heathrow, I was the first to book. I missed out on her previous venue as it was a bit too far away from me. Heathrow was perfect.

I had met Ariel many times before, but never had the opportunity to chat, one to one.

The trains and buses meshed perfectly and I arrived at the venue a few minutes early. Ariel was sitting in the lounge of her hotel. We got a cup of tea, very civilised, and settled down for a chat.

So far no awkward silence!

Ariel sat curled up in her chair, her dress kept riding up, she would pull it down and apologise. I could not decided if this was deliberate knicker flashing or accidental!

We talked about the chances of Ariel being abducted, (Quite low was our conclusion).
How naturists are just Telegraph readers with no clothes on. (And quite dull people really.)
Visiting a professional dominatrix for a session. (She was surprised I had done this.)
Going to a munch. (I was surprised Ariel had never been to a munch.)
The similarities of being an international nude model on tour and an international IT engineer. Very similar, lots of cheap hotels and instant porridge. (Slightly less nude selfies on Twitter for the engineer.)
A long chat about sub-drop. (IT engineers get it too.)

All too soon it was time to go and leave Ariel to her next client.

It was a brilliant afternoon. Great fun. So good to chat and not feel that I was intruding on her personal space and time.
If you’re thinking you would like to meet Ariel but are nervous, don’t worry. ¬†Go for it.

Aerial is on Twitter @ArielAnderssen and has a website Ask Ariel.

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