Cum at Midnight with Big Ben!

It was all the fault of GOTN and Sex Pots – they put the idea in my head by Tweeting about having sex at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Start to fuck in 2019 and finish in 2020.

It was a very good idea, I am surprised I did not think of it myself.  So I sent a text to my friend: “Fancy a fuck at Midnight? Straddle me and the New Year, come with the Bongs of Big Ben!” She was somewhere in the nudist club, I waited hopefully. Time was ticking away and the New Year was fast approaching. I was about to give up when there was a knock at the door and she arrived, dripping wet and wrapped in a towel.
“I was in the hot tub, am I in time?” She wrapped her arms around me, her towel fell to the floor, her hot wet body pushed against mine.
“Shall we fuck on the floor in front of the telly?” It was rhetorical, she went to the bedroom and returned with duvet and pillows, throwing them on the floor.

We got down to it on the floor, the party in London was in full swing, the chimes of Big Ben not many minutes away. She straddled me and we fucked, a fast urgent fuck to make a deadline.

Big Ben Bonged, the fireworks started in London and on my floor. A few moments later we collapsed into a hot sweaty exhausted heap on the floor, cuddling each other.
“I just need one more.” Her hand slipped down between her legs as she rubbed another orgasm. She shuddered and caught her breath in that very particular way as she comes.
After a few minutes we got up off the floor, we made tea and found the Jaffa Cakes, then settled on the sofa, watching Jooles Holland introduce bands we had never heard of.
“Are we growing old disgracefully?” I asked.
“I do hope so, I intend to do disgraceful, depraved, dirty, kinky and perverted things as often as possible in 2020, and this has been an excellent start to that ambition!”


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