Naughty boys get bottom marks – Kink of the Week

Marks – where to start on this? I love marks, all types of marks.

Spanking marks, particularly from a cane.
Rope marks, the ones that show when the ropes come off.
I can get excited over the marks left by the elastic of a tight pair of knickers.

I have hundreds, maybe thousands of photographs of myself and my partners depicting their marks. Bottoms striped by a cane are my favourite.

I like being marked and have rarely treated my skin to reduce them. I know some kinksters use Arnica; I have never applied it. I have sometimes used cold packs to reduce the bruises and marks and speed up the healing but that was because I was getting my bottom out in public and did not want to have to explain my marks. Mostly I just wait for the marks to heal, and I am disappointed when they fade away.

I seek out play that inflicts marks; I choose spanking implements for their ability to mark more than other reasons.

So, now you want to see some marks? Look here!


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