The Five Bar Gate

five bar gate
The Five Bar Gate

There is a gate, a perfectly standard five bar gate that closes the entrance to an area of woodland. It’s just off a bridal way in a remote area of the countryside.

I took a play friend to this gate because she asked me to “Push her limits.” I tied her to this gate and then I pulled her jeans and knickers down, all the way down to her ankles.

She was totally exposed. If any passerby had glanced down the path they might have seen her predicament.

At one point we heard some walkers coming along the path. My friend looked terrified. We waited in silence. We heard them calling their dog. At any moment I expected an inquisitive dog to join us. The walkers and their dog passed us by, oblivious to what was happening a few yards from their path.

I pulled an Ash switch from a coppiced tree and thrashed her bottom, leaving beautiful marks in the classic five bar gate pattern.

I released her. She pulled up her knickers and jeans and we headed along the path back to our vehicle.

“Did that push your limits enough?” I asked.
“I was terrified. It was also exciting.” She thought for a few moments. “I could be pushed further.”

5 thoughts on “The Five Bar Gate

  1. I enjoyed reading that, thank you. Just one incredibly pedantic point though. If the tree was coppiced, it was unlikely to be an Ash, more probably a Hazel Nut or perhaps even a Willow. Sorry about that, sometimes being a pedantic Hortic takes it’s toll 🙂


    1. Ha! Not being a horticulturist I would not know the difference; but I suspect it was Hazel, I think I would recognize a Willow.

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