The conversation – KOTW

The ladies’ shoes clack against the bare wooden boards as they walk around me, looking, talking.
I can’t see them. I am firmly strapped to the punishment bench, bent right over, head to the floor. When they stripped me naked, they even took my spectacles. All I can see are the out of focus floorboards.
I am not even sure how many ladies are in the room, three, four, more?
All I know is I am about to be thrashed.
Sharp fingernails are scrapped over my bare buttocks.
“He does have a very cute bottom.” The first voice.
“A very spankable bottom.” A different voice.
“Do you think he will struggle and complain, I do so enjoy it when I know I an getting through to my victim.” Was that a third voice, or the first one again?
“Start with this paddle, don’t spare him.” A new voice said with authority. Is this one in charge?
The first hard smack takes my breath away. There is Laughter.
“Oh, I am so enjoying this.”
The smacks are arriving fast and hard.
“What shall we use next? Did someone mention using ginger?”

This is a Kink of the Week contribution.

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