I had not been spanked since September 2019. Not from choice I do assure you.
I had been waiting through October and November for surgery, it finally happened in December. It didn’t go that well and I took a long time to recover. I got the ‘all clear’ at the end of February but then Covid-19 lockdown stopped everything dead in the tracks.

I was determined that I would be spanked before a whole year had passed by. I asked around my spanking friends but no one was really up for it. So I decided to go ask a professional. The problem with that was many of those people are not working either.

Miss Svenson was recommended by a spanko friend. After an email exchange and a ‘phone call, I had my appointment arranged. There was an agonizing wait for a few days.

Then I was in her study, bent over her desk with my trousers around my ankles awaiting the arrival of a slipper on my bare bottom. After the slipper came three huge scary paddles. Then a tawse. Finally the cane. It hurt. Not as much as I expected but clearly my tolerance had diminished in the last twelve months.

I have to be careful about how I play, health considerations. But this was an excellent session and one I hope to repeat very soon.

Spanked bottom

Spanked bottom

Spanked bottom

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