Guest writing for GOTN

This blog gets very little traffic. I’m not really surprised, I don’t update very often and what I do write is a bit of a hodgepodge of subjects.
I have, however, had a huge success elsewhere: Girl On The Net has published eight, EIGHT, guest blogs by me. I think I am her most prolific guest writer.
So for your reading enjoyment here are links to all these posts with a brief description. (Totally stolen from GOTN!)

A casual sex encounter with a nice lady I met on an impromptu holiday: Sex on a cruise ship and GOTN had a graphic created especially for this post and I am immensely proud!

This where I write about sex on a Sunday morning and spanking my friend with benefits as she makes breakfast: Sunday morning sex

Going for a bike ride around London starkers. Go one, you know you want to! London World Naked Bike Ride

The problems of having sex in an RV that is inherently unstable. Fucking in a Fifth Wheel

I am elderly, it brings a few constraints especially when shagging: Sex after sixty

I explore the negative language we use around sex, sex is nice not naughty: Change the language we use for sex, nice not naughty

An explanation of why and how I became a nudist. Let’s get naked with friends

The story of my attempt at becoming a parent, it failed and it’s a sad story, but it is a story I wanted to tell: My pregnancy journey

Girl On The Net needs all the support she can get, so please browse her site, click those affiliate links and make her, and me, very happy.
Thank you.

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