Lockdown – 3

Deja Vue again. I know that does not make sense but neither does anything else at the moment.
England, not the United Kingdon, just England, is about to go into lockdown again, scuppering everyone’s plans for the foreseeable future.
I didn’t have any actual plans, but I am still very upset.
There are a few politicians, Iain Duncan Smith springs to mind, bell end of the highest order is complaining that we are giving in to the experts. He never was keen on experts, particularly if their view contradicts his own (false) point of view, witness BREXIT.
So I have to make a choice, where to live for the month or longer.
I am so depressed by all that is happening in the world that even a decision about where and who to stay with is beyond me. I need someone to choose for me: “Do this Fred!”

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