Love Our Lurkers – XV

Once again bloggers ask all those people who silently and stealthily surf the kinky side of the World Wide Web looking but never commenting.
Today we ask you to comment, say ‘Hello’, tell us what you think, make suggestions, anything at all.
We look forward to hearing from you.
I have a confession. I am a serial lurker, I hardly ever comment. My plan this weekend is for an orgy of comments on every blog I can find.
Update: I have been down the list Hermione published and I have commented on all the blogs. Kinda CAPCHAed out now, more commenting later maybe.
Have fun everyone, get commenting!
A huge thank you to Hermione for organising this online festival of comment.

Love Our Lurkers

9 thoughts on “Love Our Lurkers – XV

  1. A belated Happy LOL-Day to you, Fred! I only realised you are blogging regularly again when I saw your comment on our blog. I keep my fingers crossed that times with more kinky fun lie ahead of you, once the current lockdown is over!

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