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Porn – my first business!

I got into running a porn business quite by chance. It was 1969, I was a teenager at boarding school. A near neighbour was a keen model maker and model engineer, he had model cars and boats. I was getting interested in model aircraft and he helped me build my first control line stunt plane. […]

Love Our Lurkers – XV

Once again bloggers ask all those people who silently and stealthily surf the kinky side of the World Wide Web looking but never commenting. Today we ask you to comment, say ‘Hello’, tell us what you think, make suggestions, anything at all. We look forward to hearing from you. I have a confession. I am […]

Lockdown – 3

Deja Vue again. I know that does not make sense but neither does anything else at the moment. England, not the United Kingdon, just England, is about to go into lockdown again, scuppering everyone’s plans for the foreseeable future. I didn’t have any actual plans, but I am still very upset. There are a few […]

Morning erection!

One of the stranger behaviours of the male human body is morning erections. It raises a simple question: WHY? What possible purpose does it serve? Wake up, willy is standing to attention demanding action but a full bladder demanding to be emptied makes this impossible. Two mutually exclusive actions. But I digress, morning erections can […]

Porn – a brief history

In the 21st century with our smart phones, computers and internet it is easy to access adult content. It’s easy to make adult content. It’s easy to distribute adult content. It was not always so. Here is my brief history of making naughty pictures, ┬áboth still and movie! Let’s start with photographs. Once the camera […]

Lockdown – 2

Significant Other (whom I should really give a name but she didn’t like any of my suggestions) did a pros and cons of where to stay during lockdown. The nudist club: Pros: Outside space and car parking. Cons: Small space, in the arse end of nowhere, not near shops, not near a hospital, no phone […]