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The Five Bar Gate

There is a gate, a perfectly standard five bar gate that closes the entrance to an area of woodland. It’s just off a bridal way in a remote area of the countryside. I took a play friend to this gate because she asked me to “Push her limits.” I tied her to this gate and […]

Sexpots Sexy stuff

Cum at Midnight with Big Ben!

It was all the fault of GOTN and Sex Pots – they put the idea in my head by Tweeting about having sex at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Start to fuck in 2019 and finish in 2020. It was a very good idea, I am surprised I did not think of it myself.  So […]

Kink of the Week

Naughty boys get bottom marks – Kink of the Week

Marks – where to start on this? I love marks, all types of marks. Spanking marks, particularly from a cane. Rope marks, the ones that show when the ropes come off. I can get excited over the marks left by the elastic of a tight pair of knickers. I have hundreds, maybe thousands of photographs […]


Love Our Lurkers XIV

If you are one of the many who wander the web pages enjoying the content but never making a comment why not do something radical in the next few days? Leave a comment or two. Better still; keep doing it; keep leaving comments because the average blogger is a total comment whore! We love getting […]

Random Stuff

Meeting Ariel Anderssen

Chatting to a friend about my meeting with Ariel she said “What if you can’t think of anything to talk about? Long awkward silence!” The one thing I can guarantee is there will be no awkward silence. Getting a word in edgeways maybe. Ariel is one of the most talkative people I have ever met. […]

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Summer – Kink of the Week

I don’t know if summer is a kink. But some of the activities that I get up to in the summer definitely are kinks! The first is getting naked. I spend all of the summer in nudist clubs. Getting naked is good for your wellbeing. Vitamin D! It feels nice, sensuous. I get to look […]

Sexy stuff

Hot, Sweaty Sex

There are multiple meanings for the word ‘hot’ in this context. The UK is enjoying a bit of a heatwave. Hot as in high temperature, but also hot as in sexually arousing. Take your choice! I am quite lucky, living in a nudist club, clothes are just not required in the Summer! Just as well, […]


Sexpots – Sex in cars and other activities!

You have to go and listen to the Sexpots podcast else this post will make no sense what so ever. Most of my ramblings make no sense but in this instance more so. Two items this week caught my attention, dick pics and sex in cars. Let’s start with sex in cars, or in my […]


Sexpots – Feedback

The  Sexpots podcast: If you don’t know what I am on about then look at this previous blog post. The ladies are up to episode 8 and this one is about  watching guys wank; orgasm faces; circumcised versus foreskin; dick masturbation toys; unusual uses for flavoured lube; being taken over the knee; why one night stands […]


Nude holiday luggage

I am off on my holidays to a nude resort. How much or how little does the nude vacationer need to take? Just a toothbrush in my pocket? A bit more than that but not that much more. Like many people I take way too much on holiday. This year I am going super minimalist. […]