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Love Our Lurkers XIV

If you are one of the many who wander the web pages enjoying the content but never making a comment why not do something radical in the next few days? Leave a comment or two. Better still; keep doing it; keep leaving comments because the average blogger is a total comment whore! We love getting […]

Hot, Sweaty Sex

There are multiple meanings for the word ‘hot’ in this context. The UK is enjoying a bit of a heatwave. Hot as in high temperature, but also hot as in sexually arousing. Take your choice! I am quite lucky, living in a nudist club, clothes are just not required in the Summer! Just as well, […]

Sexpots – Feedback

The  Sexpots podcast: If you don’t know what I am on about then look at this previous blog post. The ladies are up to episode 8 and this one is about  watching guys wank; orgasm faces; circumcised versus foreskin; dick masturbation toys; unusual uses for flavoured lube; being taken over the knee; why one night stands […]