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Lockdown – 1

A laptop is balanced precariously on a pile of books, better to get the camera at the right height for a video conference. Another laptop is on the floor. There are papers and folders everywhere. In the midst of this organised chaos my significant other is hard at work. The illusion is slightly broken because […]

Love Our Lurkers XIV

If you are one of the many who wander the web pages enjoying the content but never making a comment why not do something radical in the next few days? Leave a comment or two. Better still; keep doing it; keep leaving comments because the average blogger is a total comment whore! We love getting […]

Hot, Sweaty Sex

There are multiple meanings for the word ‘hot’ in this context. The UK is enjoying a bit of a heatwave. Hot as in high temperature, but also hot as in sexually arousing. Take your choice! I am quite lucky, living in a nudist club, clothes are just not required in the Summer! Just as well, […]

Sexpots – Feedback

The  Sexpots podcast: If you don’t know what I am on about then look at this previous blog post. The ladies are up to episode 8 and this one is about  watching guys wank; orgasm faces; circumcised versus foreskin; dick masturbation toys; unusual uses for flavoured lube; being taken over the knee; why one night stands […]