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Posh voice – Obscene Language – Bullies

There is something about ladies with posh voices swearing obscenely. It’s both shocking and exciting in equal measures. But that’s not really what this is about. “Fuck Twattery!” Just hold this thought while I explain. The delightful Ariel Anderssen has just released a YouTube video about her put down to the people who have bullied her. […]

Sexpots – Podcast

I love a good podcast, especially if it’s sexy. Sitting on the train commuting to work, having three ladies talk dirty to me is just perfect! I missed the launch of this podcast, Sexpots. I have no idea how I missed it when one of my favourite bloggers, Girl On The Net, is one of […]

Keeping Bees

Bee keeeping is very important. Without the bees pollenating the plants the world will starve. You would think that bee keeping and nudism were mutually exclusive? Not so! My father kept bees. His father had kept bees. I have kept bees, but no longer. I gave my hives away to a friend who has the […]

Pee Play

“Did you like watching me Fred?” She wrapped her arm around my body and held me close. “Did it excite you? It excited me.” Talking about pee play and pushing boundaries of play. Not far from the significant other’s home is a post box. It’s quite convenient. (There is a play on words with ‘convenient‘ […]

Role Play

From time to time, about twice a year, I visit a pro dominatrix to role play. It’s a predictable role play, headmistress and naughty schoolboy. It begins with a ‘phone call to make the arrangements. I have a shiver of excitement at this point. Excitement and apprehension. Once the arrangements have been made I have […]

Wanking Fantasy

I have never considered myself as wanking fantasy material. I have always thought that girls thought about actors or pop stars as they wanked. Fantasy became reality as I became the central character in a friend’s role play. My friend Alison gave me a call. “Can you come and help Fred, I have a computer […]