Boys and Girls come OUT

Before I get into this blog post I should offer some background.

I was born in the middle of the 20th century, that makes me old. In all that time i have seen many changes. One sticks out in particular. In the late 1960s the law on homosexuality was changed. Prior to this it had been illegal to be a gay man. (It has never been illegal to be a lesbian, I think that says much about the people making the law. (White straight men.)).
I recall a comment being made in the early 1970s. "Where are all the poofs coming from?" The simple answer was they are not coming from anywhere, they have alwasy been there, just that they kept a low profile because their sexuality was illegal. Now that the law has changed, slowly, carefully, more and more gay men are coming out.

I heard a similar comment recently about trans people. "Where are all the trans and non binary people coming from?" Except it was not put quite as politely as that.
They are not coming from anywhere, They always existed, it's just that until recently society did not recognise that they existed. Now society is more tolerant, although much more needs to be done, they are able to come out.

Gender can be fluid, sexuality can be fluid. As a teenager I had strange dreams where I could change my gender or sexuality. Today I am a girl, tomorrow I might be a boy. I am slightly disappointed that have I 'missed out' on the acceptance of gender fluidity. It's a bit late for me in my retirement years, but younger me would have really liked to have been able to flip my gender to suit my mood or occasion.

Advice for Younger Me

Ariel Anderssen posed a question on her Twitter, what would you say to your younger self? When I was about 11 years old I had a friend Nigel. Nigel liked to be naked, he called it "Being Vulgar." We would go off and play in the woods or by the river and often in the summer we would be  […]

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Pee Play

    Not far from her home is a post box. It’s quite convenient. (There is a play on words with ‘convenient‘ that my British readers will get and that will be lost on everyone else. She had a few letters to post so we went to the post box. We walked hand in hand down her drive, and out onto the road.  […]

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Love Our Lifestyle

Love Our Lifestyle

It's that time again! No, I don't mean time for a spanking, well, maybe I do, but not right now. It's time to celebrate the kinky and perverted lifestyle we all love and enjoy. Once again we are indebted to Hermione's Heart for organizing the celebration. Please visit all the blogs participating in  […]

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Playing: Part 1

She opened her lunchbox, nestling next to the sandwiches, fruit and yoghurt was an envelope. This weekend they were going to play from Friday when she arrived home until Sunday evening. The envelope contained her instructions for Friday evening. Coyly she removed the envelope, she glanced around to  […]

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bottom1.jpg, Sep 2022

Swish! The sound precedes the sting. The sting builds with each stroke. The pain increases until it's almost unbearable. Deep breath, take another. And Another. Stoic silence gives way to cries of pain. Fight back the desire to beg for it to stop. The cane is a fearsome implement, it leaves tramline  […]

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Sex In A Graveyard

One of the big obstacles to having sex for young people living with their parents is privacy. My girlfriend Joy lived with her mum. I lived with my parents. Zero opportunity for sex. Joy’s house backed onto a cemetery, and her bedroom had a view over the graves. Creepy and serene at the same time.  […]

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A beating to the edge and beyond

The punishment bench was cold to the touch as I knelt on it, the straps holding me in place, allowing only the slightest movement. "Get comfortable, you're here for a long time." Mistress warned. The first stinging smacks from her hand caught me by surprise. The smacks continued  […]

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Sometimes I need thrashing

Sometimes I just need my naked bottom thrashed. Hand, paddle, tawse, and cane. Spanked and caned to the very limit of my tolerance, and then pushed just over the edge into subspace bliss. Wanting is the easy part, fulfillment is the difficult part. Finding that special person whom I can trust and  […]

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Hello World

I have given up on my text editor blog and have gone for a CMS. I hope this will work out better. It's all about the content, not fighting the code. Fred

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