The sound precedes the sting.
The sting builds with each stroke.
The pain increases until it's almost unbearable.
Deep breath, take another.
And Another.
Stoic silence gives way to cries of pain.
Fight back the desire to beg for it to stop.

The cane is a fearsome implement, it leaves tramline marks that last for days, or weeks.

The cane is my implement of choice, I have a deep need to be thrashed to the edge of endurance, and then beyond.

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Sex In A Graveyard

One of the big obstacles to having sex for young people living with their parents is privacy. My girlfriend Joy lived with her mum. I lived with my parents. Zero opportunity for sex. Joy’s house backed onto a cemetery, and her bedroom had a view over the graves. Creepy and serene at the same time.  […]

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A beating to the edge and beyond

The punishment bench was cold to the touch as I knelt on it, the straps holding me in place, allowing only the slightest movement. "Get comfortable, you're here for a long time." Mistress warned. The first stinging smacks from her hand caught me by surprise. The smacks continued  […]

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Sometimes I need thrashing

Sometimes I just need my naked bottom thrashed. Hand, paddle, tawse, and cane. Spanked and caned to the very limit of my tolerance, and then pushed just over the edge into subspace bliss. Wanting is the easy part, fulfillment is the difficult part. Finding that special person whom I can trust and  […]

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Hello World

I have given up on my text editor blog and have gone for a CMS. I hope this will work out better. It's all about the content, not fighting the code. Fred

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