A beating to the edge and beyond

The punishment bench was cold to the touch as I knelt on it, the straps holding me in place, allowing only the slightest movement.
"Get comfortable, you're here for a long time." Mistress warned.
The first stinging smacks from her hand caught me by surprise. The smacks continued relentlessly, sometimes on alternate bottom cheeks, some times multiple smacks on a single cheek. The rhythm was symmetrical. The stinging pain increased, then abruptly ceased. There was a pause, then a gentle rub on each cheek.
"You're warming up nicely, but it's hurting my hand. Time to move on." She said.
Moving on meant a leather paddle, a new level of stinging pain.
The pattern repeated as before, the smacks alternately on each cheek, then multiple smacks on the same cheek. Always symmetrical. Each cheek receiving the same treatment, The same pain.
Another pause, then gentle rubbing.
"We need to address the sit spot." My cheeks were parted with one hand while the paddle was applied with increased ferocity to the tender flesh on the inside of by bottom crack. After numerous stinging smacks the other cheek received the same treatment.
A long pause followed, then a leather tawse was placed in my field of view.
"If you behaved yourself this wouldn't be necessary." The tawse vanished from view, then its cold leather was run gently over my back and down to my bottom. The tawse covered both cheeks at once, the pain instantly building with each smack. For the first time I struggled against my restraints.
"Deep breaths Fred, in and out, in and out."
I breathed in and out, the smacks continued, the pain increasing.
Another pause, more gentle rubbing.
The tawse hit again, harder and faster, each smack agonising.
Another pause and more gentle rubbing.
"This bottom is very hot, you could fry eggs on it."

Mistress sat on a low stool next to my face, I looked across to her, I could see up her skirt to the gusset of her red knickers. She flexed the cane in front of me.
"This is the junior cane, you will get forty eight strokes." The cane flexed into a neat semi circle. "Then it will be the senior cane for another forty eight strokes. You will count each one and say 'thank you,' is that clear?"
"Yes Mistress."
"Good, then we can begin. I do enjoy giving a caning. You deserve this!"
"Yes Mistress."
Gentle taps over my bottom, a prologue to the main event. I wriggled against my straps.
"I have not started yet, what's all the fuss?"
A rhetorical question as the first full stoke landed across the top of my bottom. Stinging hard.
"One thank you Mistress."
With each stroke the pain increased, I struggled against the straps.
"Breath deeply, you can do it, you can take it."
After twelve strokes there was a pause. A quick respite before the agony returned.
"The next ones will be in quick succession so you don't have to count out loud."
Before I could answer twelve strokes arrived in fast succession. It was all over in a few seconds. Indescribable pain.
"Where are we up to Fred?" She asked.
"Twenty four thank you Mistress."
"Half way, keep breathing, the next twelve will be delivered slowly."
I am not sure what's worse, all the pain in a few seconds, or dragged out over several minutes. The strokes were placed from the top to bottom of my cheeks, each one slightly harder, increasing pain.
"The last six will be fast, ready?"
I wan't but it didn't matter as the six arrived immediately, fast, hard and all in the same spot. I bucked against the straps.
"Breathe deeply, you will take this punishment."
"Forty-eight thank you mistress."

Mistress sat next to me on her low stool, she flashed her knickers as she showed me the senior cane.
"Another forty-eight with the senior cane, you can do this, breathe deeply."
I breathed. I was beginning to get a bit floaty, spaced out. Finally, why did it take so long? The next cane stroked arrived hard, jolting me back to my reality.
"One thank you Mistress."
The pain increased with each stroke until there was a pause at twelve. Mistress sat beside me again.
"If you weren't such a naughty boy I wouldn't have to do this."
The next twelve pushed at my limits, I had been on the edge of what I can take, but now I was over the edge and struggling. I wriggled and fought against the straps that held me down, and in place. A pointless gesture, there was no escape.
"Breathe deeply, you will take it, all of it."
"Yes Mistress."
A pause for a few moments.
"Half way, concentrate, breathe."
The next twelve were agony, I was struggling to cope. The pain was building with no respite. The slow steady strokes continued, each one sending a blinding flash of pain.
Finally the last one.
"Forty-eight thank you, Mistress."
She sat next to me again, her knickers on display.
"We are not quite finished Fred, I think you should have another six, hard and fast."
She got up, there was a pause then a couple of gentle taps on the sit spot. The furious arrival of the last six, harder than any before.
Then it stopped. The straps were undone and I gently and carefully got up. I looked at my bottom in the mirror. Mistress gave me a hug.
"Shall we take a few pictures?" She suggested.

A short while later I wandered down the road towards a supermarket, I bought a sandwich, a sugary drink and a big bag of frozen peas. It was a short walk to the park, where I sat on a bench, with the peas cooling my bottom, as I watched the world go by. I ate my sandwich and drank my drink. The buzz that only a thrashing can give was wonderful.

Miss Jessica Hyde <|> Redhead London Dominatrix

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