Sometimes I need thrashing

Sometimes I just need my naked bottom thrashed. Hand, paddle, tawse, and cane.
Spanked and caned to the very limit of my tolerance, and then pushed just over the edge into subspace bliss.
Wanting is the easy part, fulfillment is the difficult part. Finding that special person whom I can trust and who has the skills required, that's really difficult. That person is Miss Jessica Hyde.
Miss Hyde oozes with sexy and sensual. She is a cruel and heartless sadist.
Firmly strapped to the punishment bench, my bare bottom exposed and vulnerable, Miss Hyde teased and spanked, rubbed and smacked, then caned hard.
All the while a conversation, encouraging, scolding, humiliating. The combination of words and action enable me to take the harsh punishment I craved and to go to the limits and beyond of my endurance.
Miss Hyde is a lady you can trust to take you to places you have only imagined.

Miss Jessica Hyde is on Twitter: Seeking Miss Hyde


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