Pee Play

    Not far from her home is a post box. It’s quite convenient. (There is a play on words with ‘convenient‘ that my British readers will get and that will be lost on everyone else.

She had a few letters to post so we went to the post box.

We walked hand in hand down her drive, and out onto the road. A few yards further and we stopped by the post box. She posted her mail and we turned to walk back.
“I need to pee!” She said. As we approached the entrance to her drive she stopped.
“I am going to pee here.” She giggled. “I like peeing outside, it feels naughty.”
She undid her coat, hitched up her skirt then pulled her tights and knickers down. “Boys have this so much easier.” She said.
I turned and looked away.
“Watch me Fred, I like being watched.” I was somewhat surprised by this revelation. I turned around and watched as she squatted and produced a stream of pee. She pulled a tissue from her coat pocked and wiped herself. She struggled to her feet. In the distance some car headlights appeared. She wrapped her coat around herself and we stood close together, waiting. Her knickers and tights were still around he knees and her skirt was hitched up to her waist. The headlights came closer, we wondered if the car would go past or turn off. The car slowed, there is a sharp bend by her drive, then it rounded the corner and was gone.
“That was close, nearly getting caught is exciting!” She pulled her knickers and tights up and smoothed out her skirt.

We walked back to her house.
“Did you like watching me Fred?” She wrapped her arm around my body and held me close. “Did it excite you? It excited me.”
I did like it and it did excite me, I was somewhat uncomfortable in the front of my trousers.
“Yes, I am very excited!” I said.
She explored my excitement with her hand.
“Ohh, so you are, you naughty boy! Shall we indulge in some pee play, would you like that? Tell me what you like. Is it filthy?” She asked.

It is filthy and I told her all about it.

Later ….

She made another pint glass of Dandelion Cordial and drank about half of it straight down.
“I’ll need to pee very soon, this stuff,” She paused to take another drink of the cordial, “Really makes me want to go.”

She began to take her clothes off, teasing me as she undressed.
“Do you like watching me undress?” She pushed her bottom in my face and wiggled out of her knickers. I was kneeling on the floor with my hands cuffed behind my back. My stiff cock probably gave the game away. She downed the last of the cordial.

“Bathroom time Fred!”
She led me into her bathroom.
“Better take the cuffs off, we don’t want them getting wet. Don’t you dare touch yourself.” She freed my hands. She pointed to her bathtub.
“Make yourself comfy.” I stepped into the tub and lay down. A few moments later she was balancing on the tub rim. She squatted down over my body. After a couple of false starts she sprayed a stream of pee over my cock and lower body. It was hot, both in the temperature sense and the erotic sense. It tickled.
“Is that nice Fred. Would you like some more?”
“Yes please.”
She changed position, moving up my body. Another stream of pee sprayed over my tummy and chest.
“If you are a good boy and do filthy things for me you’ll get an exceptional reward.” She sprayed me again with her pee.
“I am going to pee on your face. If you don’t turn away I’ll let you play with yourself. If you open your mouth I’ll play with you. If you swallow my pee I’ll fuck you. Would you like a fuck?”

I did like the idea of a fuck, but pee in my mouth and swallowing was a tough call. She released another stream of pee, it splashed over my face. I closed my eyes and kept my mouth firmly shut.
“I don’t have much left Fred, decision time. Wank or fuck?”
I opened my mouth, her pee was warm and salty. I forced back the gag reflex.
“Swallow my piss! Swallow!”
I swallowed the warm salty liquid.

“You see what you can do if you try really hard. And you are really hard.” She slid into the bath next to me. “Bath time Fred, we can soap each other all over, get ourselves nice and clean and ready for that fuck.”

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