Sex In A Graveyard

One of the big obstacles to having sex for young people living with their parents is privacy. My girlfriend Joy lived with her mum. I lived with my parents. Zero opportunity for sex.
Joy’s house backed onto a cemetery, and her bedroom had a view over the graves. Creepy and serene at the same time.

It was mid Summer, not far off the solstice. Joy was hatching a plan. “How about we go into the cemetery at midnight for sex?” was the gist of her plan. I may have precis the conversation for convenience.

This was an interesting plan and I liked the idea, creepy and sexy, what could go wrong?
Well, the banner headline in the local press “Young couple caught defiling graves and having lewd sex in the cemetery” that sort of wrong.

“It’ll be fine, who goes into a cemetery at midnight anyway?” Joy was talking it up.
Grave robbers, perverts, drunks, couples having sex, the local police, the place could be crowded.
“It will not be crowded, it’s huge! Lots of space, lots of private places.” I was getting the impression she may have done this before or at least considered it.

A few days later we went for a walk in the cemetery. It is huge, 34 Acres, with lots of quiet corners.
“It’s locked at night.” I pointed to the sign with opening, and more importantly closing times.
“I know a way in.” Of course, you do, silly question really.

Solstice night: I hung around the bottom of Joy’s road trying to look nonchalant, but in reality looking exactly like someone about to break into a cemetery for illicit sex at midnight. Joy arrived and scared me half to death as she approached from the opposite direction I was expecting. She had a blanket. Tooled up for the job, I liked it.

We walked along a few side streets and then across a grass verge. It was a bit of a squeeze but there was a gap in the fence. A few seconds later we were in. We wandered around a bit and got further away from the perimeter. It was pitch dark, just a faint glow from sodium street lights in the distance. We stopped and listened. Silence.
“I told you it would be fine, we have it all to ourselves”. Joy pulled off her dress and stepped out of her knickers, then she ran ahead of me up the path. I chased after her. She grabbed my hand and pulled me into a garden area near some bushes. She spread the blanket out and lay down.
“Get undressed!” I pulled off my T-shirt, took down my jeans and boxers, then jumped around on one leg in an ungainly dance until I got them off.
We lay on the blanket in the nude. The cool air, the quiet, it was lovely.

I ran my hand over her tummy and into her wispy pubic hair. She reached over and kissed me on the lips. We gently explored each other, touching, and kissing.
Footsteps! Joy giggled.
“Shhh!” I looked around, but I couldn’t see anything. I put my spectacles back on. I still couldn’t see anything. We waited for ages, in reality only a few minutes. Joy stood up, still nude, she peered out around the bushes and up the path.
She lay back on the blanket, “There is a couple on a bench just up there, nothing to worry about.” A whisper that could be heard half a mile away.
She kissed me full on the lips, pushing her tongue in deep. The thought of being caught had excited her. We played with each other until we were close, so close to coming. There was a bit of fumbling with a condom, then she was on top and sliding onto my erection. I reached up and squeezed her cute titties. We humped away for a bit. Joy has very noisy orgasms, as soon as she had cum I lost control and I came as well.
We lay holding each other, panting. We had temporarily forgotten about the couple on the bench.
Joy got up again to take another look. “They’ve gone, perhaps we scared them away!”
We got dressed, I was suddenly cold and wished I had a jacket. We walked back along the path, squeezed through the gap in the fence, and walked hand in hand back to her home. A kiss and a grope on the doorstep, her mum telling her off for being late. The door closed and she was gone.
I walked home, slightly disbelieving what I had done.

That was 45 years ago. I have been back to the cemetery many times to wish friends and relatives goodbye. I walk past the bench and around the garden and remember the summer solstice night in 1975. I have not seen Joy since she went off to University that September.

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