Advice for Younger Me

Ariel Anderssen posed a question on her Twitter, what would you say to your younger self?

When I was about 11 years old I had a friend Nigel. Nigel liked to be naked, he called it "Being Vulgar." We would go off and play in the woods or by the river and often in the summer we would be naked. I did not consider it vulgar at all.
I would tell my younger self that it perfectly acceptable to be naked.

Jump forward a few years and puberty arrives with a nasty shock. Erections are painful. My foreskin had not detached from the glans of my penis. After a minor operation to fix my willy all is well and erections become fun. Wanking is my new hobby. I was at boarding school at this time and the matron, a Miss Little, not little at all think Hattie Jaques in her full Carry On Matron mode, was somewhat disapproving of the boys in her charge looking at nude pictures and masturbating. The pictures were astonishingly innocent by modern standards and would barely raise an eyebrow, or an erection, today. Matron confiscated the magazines and showed her disapproval by spanking us on our bottoms with a plimsole.
I would tell my younger self that nude pictures are nice. Masturbation is a healthy release. I think this is where I get my spanking kink on.

About this time, 15 years old, I realised that I liked boys as well as girls. The law had only recently been changed to make being homosexual legal and there was a still considerable public opinion against gay men.
I would tell my younger self that the society will change and being gay or bi is not a crime.

A few years later I am living in Norwich and studying at the University of East Anglia. I am hanging out with a group of students from the Art College. Eventually we all move in together in a house. It's a bohemian lifestyle. Life gets a bit weird.
I would tell my younger self to use less 'shrooms and weed and maybe actually do some studying.

I crash out of Uni and briefly live with a boy. He is fucking around and it all falls apart. I get married on the rebound. That works out OK for a while but falls apart. You can read about this episode in a blogpost I wrote for Girl on The Net.

I would tell my younger self that time is a great healer, alcohol won't fix the problems.

Once I sober up I get a sensible job working in IT, life straightens out and runs quite smoothly. I an in a ménage à trois relationship with a girl and a boy. This gets some negative comments from friends and relatives.
I would tell my younger self that I am way ahead of the curve with my polyamorist lifestyle and to ignore the detractors.

Eventually the boy and the girl go off together and live in Scotland. I am on my own with a cat and living in a big Motor Home. This brings me up to date as I am still in a big Motor Home and life is for the most part good.

My younger selves would probably not believe me if I told them how it all unfolds.


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