Boys and Girls come OUT

Before I get into this blog post I should offer some background.

I was born in the middle of the 20th century, that makes me old. In all that time i have seen many changes. One sticks out in particular. In the late 1960s the law on homosexuality was changed. Prior to this it had been illegal to be a gay man. (It has never been illegal to be a lesbian, I think that says much about the people making the law. (White straight men.)).
I recall a comment being made in the early 1970s. "Where are all the poofs coming from?" The simple answer was they are not coming from anywhere, they have alwasy been there, just that they kept a low profile because their sexuality was illegal. Now that the law has changed, slowly, carefully, more and more gay men are coming out.

I heard a similar comment recently about trans people. "Where are all the trans and non binary people coming from?" Except it was not put quite as politely as that.
They are not coming from anywhere, They always existed, it's just that until recently society did not recognise that they existed. Now society is more tolerant, although much more needs to be done, they are able to come out.

Gender can be fluid, sexuality can be fluid. As a teenager I had strange dreams where I could change my gender or sexuality. Today I am a girl, tomorrow I might be a boy. I am slightly disappointed that have I 'missed out' on the acceptance of gender fluidity. It's a bit late for me in my retirement years, but younger me would have really liked to have been able to flip my gender to suit my mood or occasion.

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