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The conversation – KOTW

The ladies’ shoes clack against the bare wooden boards as they walk around me, looking, talking. I can’t see them. I am firmly strapped to the punishment bench, bent right over, head to the floor. When they stripped me naked, they even took my spectacles. All I can see are the out of focus floorboards. […]

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The Five Bar Gate

There is a gate, a perfectly standard five bar gate that closes the entrance to an area of woodland. It’s just off a bridal way in a remote area of the countryside. I took a play friend to this gate because she asked me to “Push her limits.” I tied her to this gate and […]

Kink of the Week

Naughty boys get bottom marks – Kink of the Week

Marks – where to start on this? I love marks, all types of marks. Spanking marks, particularly from a cane. Rope marks, the ones that show when the ropes come off. I can get excited over the marks left by the elastic of a tight pair of knickers. I have hundreds, maybe thousands of photographs […]

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Summer – Kink of the Week

I don’t know if summer is a kink. But some of the activities that I get up to in the summer definitely are kinks! The first is getting naked. I spend all of the summer in nudist clubs. Getting naked is good for your wellbeing. Vitamin D! It feels nice, sensuous. I get to look […]