Lockdown – 3

Deja Vue again. I know that does not make sense but neither does anything else at the moment. England, not the United Kingdon, just England, is about to go into lockdown again, scuppering everyone’s plans for the foreseeable future. I didn’t have any actual plans, but I am still very upset. There are a few […]

Lockdown – 2

Significant Other (whom I should really give a name but she didn’t like any of my suggestions) did a pros and cons of where to stay during lockdown. The nudist club: Pros: Outside space and car parking. Cons: Small space, in the arse end of nowhere, not near shops, not near a hospital, no phone […]

Lockdown – 1

A laptop is balanced precariously on a pile of books, better to get the camera at the right height for a video conference. Another laptop is on the floor. There are papers and folders everywhere. In the midst of this organised chaos my significant other is hard at work. The illusion is slightly broken because […]