Morning erection!

One of the stranger behaviours of the male human body is morning erections. It raises a simple question: WHY? What possible purpose does it serve? Wake up, willy is standing to attention demanding action but a full bladder demanding to be emptied makes this impossible. Two mutually exclusive actions. But I digress, morning erections can […]

Hot, Sweaty Sex

There are multiple meanings for the word ‘hot’ in this context. The UK is enjoying a bit of a heatwave. Hot as in high temperature, but also hot as in sexually arousing. Take your choice! I am quite lucky, living in a nudist club, clothes are just not required in the Summer! Just as well, […]

Fun in Vegas

I am probably not the only person to visit Las Vegas USA and not gamble. Not so much as a cent in slot machine. I did, however, get up to all sorts of other stuff! I was in a cheap hotel at the sleazy end of Vegas. It’s all sleazy, but it’s all relative and […]