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About Fred

I am Fred. A long time ago I had a blog. It was quite well received by the handful of readers that visited reguarly. That was the problem, I had so few readers it was not worth continuing. Jump forward a few years and I have enjoyed some succes with having guest blogs published with Molly Moore and Girl on The Net. I think that if other people are willing to publish my work then maybe I should self publish again. So flushed with this success I am having another go at blogging. If you like what I do then tell all your friends and help me build up my readers. If you don't like what I do then still tell your friends because they might like me even if you don't.

I live an 'alternative' lifestyle. People whom I consider are a bit alternative rate me as more alternative to them. So alternative on steriods: Nudist. I don't live in a conventional house. I don't have a conventional job. I don't have conventional friends. I write about being a nudist. Having kinky sex. Corporal punishment for fun. Living in vehicles. Random stuff that I just think up.

If this sounds like your kind of blog then welcome. If it's not for you then there are lots of delightful vanilla blogs for your perusal.

You can find me on twitter I am @Nude_Lewd_Rude.

  • I have a few rules:
  • You are welcome to comment, keep it nice and polite please. Comments close a week after a post goes live.
  • Stay on topic.
  • If you want me to publish something you have written than I may be up for that. Chuck me an email with your idea.
  • I do this for fun in my spare time so you might not get a response for a few days, maybe weeks if I am in a communication black hole with no 'phone service.
  • Therefore be patient please.

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