Fixing a computer and spanking a bottom

My computer is faulty

My friend Alison gave me a call. "Can you come and help Fred, I have a computer problem?"
Alison uses me as her Mac guru ever since she moved from the dark side to the fruity computing.

I looped it past her house on the way home from work. She was wandering around in her robe looking a bit lost.
"Gregg not around?" I enquired. Gregg is her partner.
"He is away for a few days on a training course." Gregg is an undertaker, which made me wonder what sort of training he was on. But I digress.
After a while it was clear that the computer problem was a rather feeble excuse to get me to call.
Alison gave me her 'naughty girl' look. "Do you mind that I asked you to call?"
"Not really, so what's this all about?"
We migrated to the lounge and we sat side by side on the huge leather sofa.
"Spank me Fred?" She asked.
So that's what it's about. I was rather surprised that she had concocted the computer story, normally she just askes me outright for a spanking in a text or email.
She pulled up her robe and went over my lap. I spanked away with my hand for a while.
"That's fine, thanks Fred." She curled up on my lap, her face buried in my chest. We just sat there quiet and still.
After a while I realised that she had her hand was between her legs. Her breathing changed and she wriggled around on my lap. After a few moments she was gasping for breath and her hand was working vigorously.
"OK there Alison?" I asked once she had stopped.
She gave me another 'naught girl' look. "I am fine now thanks."
We sat in silence for a few more minutes.
"You are my favourite masturbation fantasy Fred!"

I have never considered myself as wanking fantasy material. I have always thought that girls thought about actors or pop stars as they wanked.

"So what's the fantasy then?" I asked.
"I'm embarrassed." She blushed and gave me another 'naughty girl' look."
"So you get me here on a flimsy pretext, sit on my lap and play with yourself, have several orgasms and now you won't tell me what it's all about? That's hardly fair." I feigned indignation.
"OK, so you call around to see me because my computers faulty. The computer fault is because I have done something wrong and you get cross with me and spank me for not looking after the computer properly."
There was a long pause ...
"That's it? What happen next?" I asked.
"By the time the fantasy has got to me being over your lap and getting spanked I have had several orgasms so it just sort of ends there. It does not have a proper ending."
She shifted her position and then got up off my lap. There was a wet patch on my thigh where she had been wanking sitting. I moved my legs to get the circulation back. I had pins and needles.
"She gave me another 'naughty girl' look. "Are you cross Fred?"
It is impossible to be cross with a girl who is wearing just a satin robe and has been sitting on your lap masturbating.
"I'm not cross, a bit confused. Why not just ask like you usually do?"
"I thought that this might be more fun. Want some fun Fred?"
Fun is probably an euphemism for something.

After I wrote this I emailed it to Alison just to get her approval before publishing.
At first she thought it was already published so she was in a flat spin as she had not told her partner Gregg about the escapade. I strung her along for a bit just for a bit of (rather naughty of me) fun.
Gregg was cool with it so here we go hitting the publish button.
Alison also hits all my buttons and apparently I hit all of hers.

Posted by Fred Bloggs