Walking nude along a beach

Flashing a bare bottom

Euronat Naturist Resort is in the middle of nowhere. There are a few towns nearby but mostly it is quite isolated. The next closest place is Montalivet, a seaside resort just south of Euronat. It's quite a long way by road as it involves leaving Euronat, going inland and then heading back to the coast. Or it can be walked along the beach. Montalivet is another nudist resort so it is possible to walk naked along the beach from one to the other.

We wanted to go into the town of Montalivet to do some shopping, get some food, have a beer, touristy stuff so we did take some clothes. I took shorts, a T shirt and my Crocs. Brenda had flip flops and a strappy sun dress.

"That dress looks a bit short." I commented.
"It'll be fine." she assured me.

I think that we had become too adjusted to nudity to realise that maybe it's not fine.

We put our meagre clothing into a bag then walked naked down to the beach. Sharp turn left and we headed along the beach walking hand in hand. A gentle breeze and slightly overcast sky made for near perfect nude walking conditions. After a while the naked people on the beach thinned out, then we had it to ourselves for a while. Eventually we started to meet people in swimming costumes so it was time to put on some clothes.

The other nudist resort is much further along the coast, so we abandoned that idea and decided to go into the town to buy food for a picnic lunch.

I put my shorts on, no need for a shirt just yet. Brenda put her sundress on. Her bum stuck out the bottom. She pulled on the hem to make it grow longer. It did not work.
"Should have brought some panties." I suggested.
"I did not think I would need any." She replied. "I'll just not bend over too much, It'll be fine!"

We walked on into the town. We went into a few shops and bought some food items, then we found a bar and sat down for a rest and ordered cold beers.

Brenda's bum had attracted some attention, but not too much. Secretly I think she quite liked flashing. She made no attempt to buy underwear in any of the shops.

We walked back to the beach. The beer had given us both a bit of a buzz. Once on the beach we walked for a few hundred yards then we got naked again. Once safely away from all the perverts wearing clothes we sat in the dunes to eat a picnic lunch. More beer, cheese, ham and baguette.

It really does not get much better, warm and sunny, naked, nice food and drink with a bit of gratuitous bum flashing.




Posted by Fred Bloggs