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A review of a pair of spanking fiction books

Much of the written word about spanking, fiction or fact, is really quite dire. I gave up on it many years ago.
A while back a spanking book was recommended to me by a spanko friend, and being a bit bored, lockdown and all that, I bought it as an 'E' book.
I read the book and then got sidetracked, as you do, into other endeavours, and I quite forgot about it.
Away for a week at the nudist club and scanning the books on my E reader I discovered that there was a second book in the series so I bought it.

These books are never going to make the Booker short list. Or the long list. Or any list. But they may be worth your time.
Book one is set in the modern day, a few decades back. Book two is set in the 1950s. Book two is, therefore, the prequel to book one. You could read book two first if you like chronological order. The second book is set in England and the USA, The first book is set in England

Because I can and to confuse you I am describing them in reverse order. My review, my rules!

Book Two is set in 1955. It is written in the first person, about young lady called Olivia. She is well to do. She has had some success publishing children's books, so that she is financially independent. She gets interested in the spanking scene, that she discovers via an advertisement in a shop window. She find herself performing in spanking events for gentlemen with the funds to pay for such entertainment. Later she goes to the USA to study at Harvard, what money can buy! While at Harvard and living in an all girls college, sorority, she continues her spanking adventure by spanking the other girls at the college. She also gets involved with the wealthy family of one of the girls at her college and she spends the Summer with the family. This family has a strict regime in operation and Olivia gets spanked by the lady of the house.

Book one is also written in the first person and it concerns a lady in her 30s called Elizabeth. Elizabeth is returning home to attend the funeral of Olivia, the girl in the second book. Olivia was a school teacher at Elizabeths school. Elizabeth had been regularly spanked by Olivia. The story morphs into the lesbian and spanking relationship between Elizabeth and Olivia's daughter Sarah. It also transpires Sarah is involved in a spanking group that Elizabeth then joins.

I shall not add any more detail as SPOILER ALERTS! But:

After tea Elin found the perfect moment to be stood in the spot where she might call me to her and milk it for maximum theatricality.  “Olivia”  her hand extending as though she were presenting me to an audience, then turning to that “come now, hold my hand” as she announced “I feel it’s time we had a really long talk, you and I.  Don’t you think?”

“Are these your date panties then, Linda?  The cutest ones you have?” “Terylene. Very fash.”

An all American bobby soxer as you’d find anywhere in Boston, and arrived in classic fashion and form, curly haired perm, pert, pouty.

“I charge five guineas for a caning session.  Or if you prefer you can be part of a tableau and you can earn five pounds for being caned.  Quite a big difference in terms of costs on your part.  The difference being when you get paid to be caned there would be a gentleman watching.”

A few things to note: The books are quite well written, and by spanking porn standards they are exceptional, but that bar is quite low.
You do have to suspend belief quite considerably and just go with the story, it is not that far fetched, but clearly a fantasy and not based on experience or fact.
There is a lot of spanking in the story, but that's the whole point of it!

They are available from Amazon.
Book One: Elizabeth Comes Home: Why would I want to be spanked and caned again? I thought I'd escaped all that. (Elizabeth and Olivia Book 1)
Mrs Jennings' Confessions (Elizabeth and Olivia Book 2)

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Elizabeth Comes Home

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Mrs Jennings' Confessions

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